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What is the Phone Stand Notebook?

Quite simply it is a notebook with a Phone Stand located in the front cover.

 With its sleek, compact and beautiful design, It can be easily placed in your backpack or even carried alone. With numerous customization options, we can make the notebook perfect to promote your brand.

The phone stand notebook is the perfect promotional product that comes in handy for everyone – no matter who you are or what you do.  Perfect for everyday use, or keep it as a medical diary, for your telemedicine calls.

The phone stand in the front cover is perfect for note-taking and video conferencing – at the same time. Its amazing design makes it usable both in portrait and landscape orientations.

Why the Phone Stand Notebook is perfect for your business

Promotional Products Work
88% of people remember the advertiser on a promotional product.
Statistics show that most people prefer to actually use a paper notebook for note-taking and writing down vital information than using and app. 

A notepad is universally useful

From taking business notes to writing grocery lists, this use of a notebook is versatile

Everyone uses a phone

A phone stand is perfect for answering impromptu video conferences or watching your favorite show on the go.

A branded phone stand notebook is perfect for promoting your business. Offering a notebook that doesn’t just fulfil the duties of a notebook, but also serves as a phone stand is simply unbeatable. It’s a product every individual would love to carry around.  Every time it is used it is brand reminder. When used in front of others you are expanding the reach of promoting your business.

Decoration Options

Cover Material

We offer a range of material options for the covers. Coated Paper, Fabric, Canvas, and more. Most of the materials come in 100's of shades to match your business colors. For most projects we can pantone match.

Notepad Paper

There are lots of options for your notepad paper. From color, quality, style of notepad, and decoration, I am sure we can suit your needs. We can also add more, or less pages as needed.

Overall Branding

We can decorate your notebook in many ways to help promote your brand. Full color logos, or embossed logos. Talk with one of our specialists and we work out what is great fit for your business.

Nearly all industries can benefit from the Phone Stand Notebook in our new virtual world.

To name a few that the Phone Stand Notebook could help:

1) Telemedicine

2) Law Firms

3) Financials Services

4) Technology Companies - Particularly those offering virtual meeting software

5) Mobile Phone Manufacturers, and Service Providers

6) Charity & Fundraising Organizations

7) Schools, Colleges, and Higher Learning Programs

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